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What you will experience in Sauna Riga

Steam Sauna

Riga steam sauna temperature usually ranges from 49°C to 70°C, creating a warm and relaxing environment that encourages sweating and provides therapeutic benefits.

Hot Tub

Soak in happiness. Share warm moments with friends, and colleagues. Laughter, connection, relaxation – all in our inviting hot tub in Riga. Experience pure joy.

BBQ and Chill Lounge

Sizzle & flavor meet laid-back delight. Sauna’s heat, BBQ’s treat – a duo that can’t be beat. Unwind, feast, and relish life’s flavorful moments with us.

Steam Sauna


The Riga Sauna embodies a classic design, featuring a wood-burning stove and pristine white stones. Situated near Riga’s heart, it graces the waterfront pier, offering an enchanting nocturnal panorama of the illuminated bridge and historic Old Riga.